VirtualDub plugin Timestamp

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VirtualDub plugin Timestamp

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Hello friends
I am posting in hopes that someone could help out a very clueless amateur.
Basically I am trying to get a filter that will allow me to place a timer - counter so to speak over a video file, for youtube.
I've been tinkering with AddFrameNumbers - which is basically what I need, by removing the frames and just starting my own time at zero, at a specific point during a video.
And I've found an altered plugin which increases the font to 500% for AddFrameNumbers here:

This is pretty much exactly what I need EXCEPT, I can't alter the font of the counter.
The font in the AddFrameNumbers is quite small and computerish.
I am trying to accomplish the counter featured in this youtube video

I'd appreciate any help if anyone know where I can find a filter/plugin which allows me to do this, or perhaps teach me how to create one.
Again I have very little experience. I basically just search for tutorials on what I would like to do with virtualdub.

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Re: VirtualDub plugin Timestamp

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Sorry, I don't have a solution for providing prettier fonts. You can try posting at about it. Maybe Avery's Subtitler filter will work for you.
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