Rest in Peace, Moosetache, 1850-2024

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Rest in Peace, Moosetache, 1850-2024

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Oh Moose!
You've always been a glowing light
Of inspiration to me
From babyhood
When I knew you as beloved Moosie
So kind, silly and True-hearted;
A great companion for squirrels.
Then in early childhood
When I learnt you were a friend
Of Santa's reindeer.
A worthy honour.

Oh Moose!
You have always brought to me
a smile inside
Even today, pictured at the gate
With the little cat.
Your gentle furry noses
Coming together in that perfect
Moment of tenderness.
Your large head so Wise
and sage-like.
Feet planted firmly like a tree.

Oh Moose!
Though we live many miles apart
Across a vast ocean
You in your frozen winter wonderland
And I in perpetual summer,
I've grown to admire
Your influence in my life;
Your peaceful, steady approach
Your warm brown shaggy coat;
Your famous balancing act.
Perchance that we may ever meet
I might tell you eye to eye
that I will always love you.
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