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Anything related to video and my tools that is not a support request.
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Re: New member here

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For the first time in my life, I'm confused. :?
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Re: New member here

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It's been nice knowing you, Sherman. Thank you for your sacrifice. You will be remembered as a mensch, until people forget about you.
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Re: New member here

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Sherman is a blessed child of the divine who will dwell forever therein. We honor the divine and all that it encompasses.

Partings are mere musical interludes; the chorus always returns.

Without your love, a love I need...

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Re: New member here

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Feels so good to be back in the present, and thank you all so much for your concern. I'm sure that Sherman will thoroughly enjoy his sabbatical in the future, and Albert will succeed in bringing him back very soon. In the meantime we do have a communication channel to him, so let's hope for some superb reports on future happenings.

And, wow, what great work all you DG forum guys and members have done! Don't know if I can play in your league any more, but let's give it the old college try. May have to stick to quantum theory.
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Re: New member here

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Great to have you back DG! Join us at the Moose Lodge dinner tomorrow night. Natasha has a sister she wants you to meet. I'm told that she is to die for.
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