Hue/Saturation/Intensity Filter for VirtualDub

This filter provides the capability of adjusting the hue, saturation, and intensity of a video clip. It might be used, for example, when a video clip was captured with too little saturation, and there is a need to increase it. It also provides the ability to selectively apply the adjustments to a range of colors. Active filter preview is supported to simplify making desired adjustments.

The filter uses fast algorithms that operate in RGB space, thereby avoiding the overhead of full color space conversions from RGB to HSV and then back to RGB. All per-frame operations are integer, resulting in good speed, although optimization has not yet been done and is expected to further improve performance.

Thanks to Narendra Verma for suggesting the creation of this filter and to Avery Lee for help with active preview.

Version 1.2 [Source code]

The fields added in version 1.1 were confusing because they showed the values used in scripts and not the floating point values presented to the user. Version 1.2 changes it to use the user values.

Version 1.1 added fields to show the numerical values of the slider positions.

Release version 1.0 packed the configuration dialog box to fit in 640x480. Version 1.0 beta 6 fixed script support, is almost twice as fast, and provided an option to preserve the luminance of input colors on hue changes. Beta 5 added greater granularity for color selection and fixed a problem with the help facility.

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