Smart Resize Filter for VirtualDub

VirtualDub's internal resize filter has a very powerful and fast resampling engine, but its user interface is primitive. For example, there is no way to scale the picture by a percentage; you have to hand calculate and enter both the new width and new height. The Smart Resize filter duplicates the internal resize functionality while greatly enhancing the user interface. The basic idea is that a size calculator is added to the filter's dialog box. The configuration calculated can then be exported back into the main filter parameters, which work the same as the internal filter's parameters. Smart Resize supports adjustment of the aspect ratio, several scaling and fitting modes, and "snapping" to required pixel multiples for the output height and/or width.

The original internal resize filter from which Smart Resize was adapted was created by Avery Lee, the author of VirtualDub. The performance and speed of his resize engine are truly awesome. Gunnar Thalin implemented a stand-alone video calculator. Jon C. Hodgson inspired me to create Smart Resize and assisted during the development process.

Version 1.1 [Source code]

Version 1.1 is recompiled to be half the size and some silliness about DV aspect ratios in the help file was corrected.

Version 1.0 added Avery Lee's new resize engine, which has greater subpixel accuracy and doesn't create a spurious line of pixels in some cases; fixed crashes due to putting some difficult values in the edit boxes; added two useful modes, one of which is ideal for creating VCD-compliant clips.

Beta 8 limited the aspect ratio to 10/1 to avoid having temporary editing crash Windows or VirtualDub.

Beta 7 fixed erroneous calculation of the frame size in some cases when both snap to width and snap to height are enabled.

Beta 6 removed the need for the Calculate and Accept buttons, replaced the Save Calculator Settings button with normal script file support, and supported batch operation where the final size decisions are made at the time an input clip is processed.

Beta 5 fixed snapping and user interface bugs.

Beta 4 was the first available version of this filter.

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