Unsharp Mask Filter for VirtualDub

This filter provides contrast enhancement/sharpening using the well-known unsharp mask technique. It is essentially a clone of the Adobe Photoshop unsharp mask filter. A field processing mode is available so that it will work correctly with interlaced video. The filter supports active preview to simplify setting of configurable options.

Refer to the text file included in the zip file below for usage instructions. This help file is also available via a Help button on the filter configuration dialog box if you place it in the VirtualDub plugins directory.

Thanks to Narendra Verma for suggesting the creation of this filter and to Jim Casaburi and Jukka Aho for useful discussions.

Version 1.4 [Source code]

This version is optimized by Antonio Foranna.

Version 1.3 [Source code]

This version repacks the dialog box to fit in 640x480. Version 1.2 added fine adjustment buttons and renamed the clipping sliders. Beta 1 added support for active filter preview.

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