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Avisynth Filters

The author of Avisynth, Ben-Rudiak Gould, gave up its development some time ago. It has been carried on by several other groups of people. My tools require a version of Avisynth that supports plugins. There are two generations of Avisynth. The first, Avisynth 2.0x, is now obsolete. The second, Avisynth 2.5, supports significant new features, such as YV12 color space and lots of new built-in filters. You can download it and find extensive documentation and links about it here. Please be careful to use the appropriate version (2.5 versus 2.0x) when using my filters.

Following are my personally authored filters for Avisynth.

For Avisynth 2.5 and beyond:

For Avisynth 2.0x:

Vapoursynth Filters

These are my Vapoursynth native (API4) filters:

  • Cube Filter: Apply 3D LUTs (*.cube files) via Vapoursynth
  • DGCube: Apply CUDA-accelerated 3D LUTs (*.cube files) via Vapoursynth
  • DGDenoise: Fast CUDA non-local means denoiser
  • DGSharpen: Fast CUDA limited sharpener

VirtualDub Filters

Following are my personally authored filters for VirtualDub:

Linux Tools

Following are my personally authored tools for Linux:

  • DGDemux Bluray/UHD disk demuxer
  • DGDecNV NVDec-Accelerated Frame Server for Vapoursynth

Tools and Utilities

eac3to is a madshi-approved fork of eac3to. It fixes HEVC/UHD disk processing and other things.

DGMVCCombine is a stand-alone MVC streams combiner. It combines two separate base and dependent MVC streams into a single combined MVC stream that is accepted by the Intel Media SDK.

DGPulldown is an MPEG2 flagging utility that can "flag" the video such that a PAL to NTSC conversion occurs during playback. This means you can leave the video encoded at 25fps progressive, providing better quality for the same bit budget and avoiding any need to modify the audio duration.

QuantDump is a small command line utility for extracting the quant matrices from MPEG elementary or program streams.

Level Patcher is a GUI utility that allows you to patch an MPEG2 elementary stream so that it has a specified profile and level. I made this because some freeware MPEG2 encoders could encode in HD resolution but did not set the level to High, thereby making the stream unplayable in some players.

DGAVCPulldown is a GUI utility for adding 3:2 field pulldown to AVC elementary streams. Includes source code.

DGSplit is a GUI binary file splitter that works on arbitrarily large files.

For people who need to deinterlace stills, I have created two tools:

  • Stand-Alone Smart BMP Deinterlacer This is a command-line program that operates on 24-bit BMP files, and supports batch mode. I have provided this in response to several requests for deinterlacing of a non-lossy format. Future versions may add a GUI. Source code is included in the zip file.
  • Stand-Alone Smart JPG Deinterlacer This is a GUI-based program that operates on JPEG files.

In addition to my filters above I have also modified Steven Don's Dynamic Noise Reduction filter to support scripts:

I've also modified Avery Lee's popular WarpSharp filter to work when imported into Avisynth:

Here is a useful utility called DebugView that allows for viewing filter tweaking information that is output by some of my filters: